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Experience a modern take on classic Australian dishes made with locally sourced produce that once would have travelled from railway towns along the NSW goods line.

Enjoy these dishes with our all Australian wine list showcasing what Australia has to offer across many great regions, with some hero varietals as well as upcoming Australian wine makers, who are pushing the boundaries and exploring new styles of wine crafting changing the Australian wine landscape.

Our signature, the highball cocktail, is inspired by the practice of serving beverages in tall glasses on steam trains. It is carefully crafted by our resident mixologist with bespoke PS40 soda and flavour-infused beautifully decorated blocks of ice.

Hop on board as we take a palatable excursion through time.


House baked flatbread 10 (v)
spicy capsicum dip (please allow extra time)

Glazed chorizo 14 (gf, df)
honey glaze

Smoked trout omelette 16 (gf)
shaved eschalot, micro herb salad

Roast BBQ duck bao buns 16 (v-on request)
shallot slaw, hoisin sauce

Spinach & ricotta pasta 14 (v)
napolitana sauce, Grana Padano Parmesan

Teriyaki tuna poke 16
snow pea, shallot, sesame, avocado mousse

Honey haloumi 15 (gf, v)
Aphrodite haloumi cheese, yellow box honey

Garlic prawns 18 (gf-on request)
eshalot, bacon, fresh cream

BBQ king prawn 40 (gf)
avocado & corn salsa, lime, coriander, jalapeño dressing

Buddha bowl 28 (df-on request)
chickpea, quinoa, BBQ jackfruit, spiced cauliflower,
avocado, tahini, bao buns

Herb crusted lamb tomahawk 38
chilli& eggplant salad, beetroot relish

Chicken breast 31 (gf)
parsnip puree, forest mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, jus

Pork medallions 34
grilled polenta, herb crumb, fennel gel, celeriac salad, baby apple

Australian barramundi 35 (gf)
quinoa & pomegranate salad, preserved lemon

Hand cut gnocchi 31 (v)
forest mushrooms, garlic, eschalot, truffle oil, Grana Padano Parmesan

served with potato gratin, eschalot, broccolini, truffle mushroom
With a sauce of your choice: mushroom, pepper, jus


250g Riverina angus sirloin 38 (gf-on request)

350g Murray Basin pork cutlet 38 (gf-on request)

250g Break Out River lamb rump 35 (gf-on request)

350g Cape Grim rib eye 48 (gf-on request)

Sourdough 7
rustic tomato salsa, Grana Padano Parmesan

Beer battered fries 7 (df)
truffle aioli

Creamy mashed potato 7 (gf)

Green beans & brocolli 7 (gf, df)
olive oil, sea salt

Tossed salad 7 (gf, df)
cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, radish

Iceberg salad 7 (gf)
Persian feta, walnuts, apple, red radish, eschalot

Beer battered onion rings 7
burger sauce

Cheese Platter 22
accompanied with pane crocante, crackers, grapes, fig and red wine compote and dried fruit. Gluten-free on request.

  • Adelaide Hills Trinity Cellars Jersey Brie
  • Great Ocean Road Warrnambool Cheddar
  • Adelaide Hills Trinity Cellars Blue

Bourbon & pecan pie 15
homemade maple syrup, ice cream, toasted pecan crumb, toffee sauce

Lemon shortbread tart 14
lemon sorbet, torched meringue, raspberries, curd

Cinnamon dusted sweet bread 15 (df, v)
strawberry jam, banana ice cream

Dark chocolate brûlée 14
homemade strawberry sorbet, chocolate soil

Baked old fashioned cheese cake 14
chocolate ganache, peanut butter caramel mascarpone

Chocolate brownie 14
honeycomb, mascarpone, chocolate ganache

Fresh fruit plate 12 (gf, df, v)
seasonal fresh fruits


Group Dining   55 per person*
Add Matching Wines   29 per person
(120ml per glass)
Add Dessert   10 per person

This menu is available to all group of 4 guests and over.
It includes a choice of still and sparkling water.

  • House baked flatbread (v)
    spicy capsicum dip
  • Roast BBQ duck bao buns
    shallot slaw, hoisin sauce
  • Honey haloumi (gf, v)
    Aphrodite haloumi cheese, yellow box honey
  • Garlic prawns
    eschalot, bacon cream
  • Hand cut gnocchi (v)
    forest mushrooms, garlic, shallot, truffle oil, Grana Padano Parmesan
  • Slow cooked lamb shoulder
    rosemary, sea salt, jus
  • Chips
    truffle aioli
  • Seasonal greens
    olive oil, sea salt
  • Iceberg salad
    Persian feta, walnuts, apple, red radish, shallot


Platform 9¾   17
Drink this magical concoction and travel to Hogwarts
Poor Tom’s Sydney Gin, Chambord, Artisan skinny tonic, orange bitters, berries

Spring Bluff   21
Just like Australia’s prettiest station in Queensland, we’ve made this our most colourful
Beenleigh ‘Copper Pot’ Rum, coconut, lavender, mint, lime, coconut jelly

1804   21
Go back to the year when the first steam train changed the world
23rd Street signature gin, St Germaine elderflower, rose, lychee, tonic, fairy floss

350 Bourke St   18
Let’s start giving back to our community, this drink is truly local
Brix Distillers spiced rum, Sydney Brewery agave & ginger cider, habanero lime

4:30AM   17
Suburban services have started… till midnight
Manly spirits limoncello, lemongrass & ginger soda, lime, mint, demerara sugar

T-Class   19
A diesel locomotive part of Victorian train fleet in 1964
Starward ‘Two Fold’ Whisky, hopped grapefruit bitters, grapefruit soda, agave nectar

Red Ratler   19
Served last in 1992 in our local network, we are bringing it back
Archie Rose Original Vodka, rhubarb, demerara Sugar, mint. Prosecco

The T-1   21
The North Shore railway line
Manly Spirits whisky barrel aged gin, honey & rosemary syrup, PS40 smoked lemonade, cinnamon


*All highball cocktails can be made virgin   11

Cuban Revolution   21
Barcardi Ocho, sugar, bitters, orange

Mr Pascal   18
Rutte Old Simon Genver, triple sec, Martini bitter, agave

Best Conductor   21
Martini Bitter, Patron Silver, Martini Rosso, Dry Sherry

*All cocktails can be made virgin   11


42 Degrees South Cuvée   16
Coal River, TAS

Dal Zotto “Pucino” Prosecco   15
King Valley, VIC

Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé   13
King Valley, VIC

All Saints Moscato   12
Rutherglen, VIC


WHITES (150/250ml)

El Desperado Sauvignon Blanc   14/22
Adelaide Hills, SA

First Creek Botanica Chardonnay   12/20
Hunter Valley, NSW

Dal Zotto Pinot Grigio   15/25
King Valley, VIC

Robert Stein Riesling   16/26
Mudgee, NSW

Vinemind Vermentino   17/28
Clare Valley, SA


ROSÉ  (150/250ml)

Fetherston Dolcetto Rosé   15/25
Chestnut, VIC

Philip Shaw ‘Pink Billy’ Saignée   16/26
Orange, NSW

RED (150/250ml)

Innocent Bystander Gamay Pinot Noir   16/26
King Valley, VIC

Credaro Kinship Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon   14/23
Margaret River, WA

First Creek Shiraz   13/21
Hunter Valley, NSW

Radis Estate Merlot   15/25
Coonawarra, SA

Vinteloper Touriga Nacional   16/26
Langhorne Creek, SA


Frogmore Iced Riesling   14
Coal River, TAS

Chambers Muscat   11
Rutherglen, VIC   

Campbells Topaque   11
Rutherglen, VIC

2015  Pipers Brook   120
Pipers Brook, TAS

NV  Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé   60
Pipers Brook, TAS

NV  42 Degrees South Premiere Cuvée   75
Coal River, TAS

NV Tertini Sparkling Rosé   76
Southern Highlands, NSW

NV  Dal Zotto ‘Pucino’ Prosecco   70
King Valley, VIC


2018  Mountadam   86
Eden Valley, SA

2018 Robert Stein   75
Mudgee, NSW

2018 Devil’s Corner ‘Resolution’ Riesling   94
Apslawn, TAS

2013 Grosset ‘Springvale’   76
Clare Valley, SA

2018 Tertini Riesling   99
Southern Highlands, NSW



2018 El Desparado Sauvignon Blanc   65
Adelaide Hills, SA

2017 Tamar Ridge Sauvignon Blanc   81
Tamar Valley, TAS

2018 Shaw+Smith Sauvignon Blanc   110
Adelaide Hills, SA

2018 Ashbrook Semillon Sauvignon Blanc   77
Margaret River, WA

2019 Raidis Estate Sauvignon Blanc   62
Coonawarra, SA

2017 Cullen Semillon Sauvignon Blanc   96
Margaret River, WA

2017 Silkman Semillon   86
Hunter Valley, NSW

2011 Keith Tulloch Museum Semillon   165
Hunter Valley, NSW



2017  The Other Wine Co Pinot Gris   82
Adelaide Hills, SA

2018  Swinging Bridge Pinot Gris   66
Orange, NSW

2017  Campbells Fiano   75
Rutherglen, VIC

2018  Dal Zotto Pinot Grigio   70
King Valley, VIC

2017  Yangarra Roussanne   99
McLaren Vale, SA

2017  The Pawn Gruner Veltliner   89
Adelaide Hills, SA

2017  Vinemind Vermentino   81
Clare Valley, SA



2017  First Creek Botanica   57
Hunter Valley, NSW

2017  Mountadam   75
Eden Valley, SA

2019 Swinging Bridge ‘Mrs Payten’ Chardonnay   89
Orange, NSW

2017  Tolpuddle     199
Coal River, TAS

2017  In Dreams   94
Yarra Valley, VIC

2017 Savaterre     180
Beechworth, VIC

2017 Pedestal     82
Margaret River, WA


2018  Bremerton Malbec (Vegan)   79
Langhorne Creek, SA

2014  Raidis Estate Merlot   71
Coonawarra, SA

2018  Laissez Faire IV Syrah Grenache Mourvedre Counoise (Vegan)   122
Frankland River, WA

2018  Pikes Premio Sangiovese (Vegan)   69
Clare Valley, SA

2017  Save Our Souls Sangiovese   73
Yarra Valley, VIC

2018  The Other Wine Co Grenache   88
Adelaide Hills, SA

2015  Crabtree Tempranillo   79
Adelaide Hills, SA

2017  Whistler ‘Find Your Roots’ Mataro   105
Barossa, SA

2016  Keith Tulloch ‘Per Diem’ Merlot   75
Hunter Valley, NSW

2018 Vinteloper Touriga Nacional   75
Langhorne Creek, SA


2017  Josef Chromy   124
Relbia, TAS

2018  Montalto Pennon Hill   101
Mornington Peninsula, VIC

2019 Innocent Bystander Gamay   73
Adelaide Hills, SA

2017 Rising   95
Yarra Valley, VIC

2018  Storm Bay   73
Cool River, TAS

2018  42 Degree South   85
Cool River, TAS

2016 In Dreams   80
Yarra Valley, VIC

2018  Tamar Ridge ‘Reserve’   152
Tamar Valley, TAS



2017  First Creek   60
Hunter Valley, SA

2016 Shaw + Smith   178
Adelaide Hills, SA

2017 Campbells ‘Bobbie Burns’   69
Rutherglen, VIC

2007 Mitchell ‘McNicol’   158
Clare Valley, SA

2015  Yangarra ‘Iron Heart’   210
McLaren Vale, SA

2016  Rockbare   88
McLaren Vale, SA

2018  Nick O’Leary   89
Canberra District, NSW

2017  Two Hands ‘Angel Share’   99
McLaren Vale, SA

2016 Thorn Clarke Shotfire   80
Barossa, SA



2009 Wimbaliri Cabernet Merlot   85
Canberra District, NSW

2018  Bremerton Coulthard Cabernet Sauvignon   82
Langhorne Creek, SA

2017 Credaro Kinship Cabernet Sauvignon  65
Margaret River, WA

2014 Oliver’s Taranga ‘DJ Reserve’ Cabernet Sauvignon   150
McLaren Vale, SA

2014 St Hugo Cabernet Sauvignon   182
Coonawarra, SA

2016 Penfolds BIN 389 Cabernet Shiraz   299
Regional, SA

2019 Raidis Estate ‘Billy’ Cabernet Sauvignon   80
Coonawarra, SA

2018 Yangarra Grenache Rosé   92
McLaren Vale, SA

2018 Giant Steps Pinot Noir Rosé   86
Yarra Valley, VIC

2018 Brown Brothers 1889 Dry Rosé   86
Yarra Valley, VIC

2017 Philip Shaw ‘Pink Billy’ Saignée   70
Orange, NSW

2017 Fetherston Dolcetto Rosé   70
Chesthunt, VIC

2018 Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling   62
Coal River, TAS

2018 Mount Horrocks ‘Cordon Cut’ Riesling   82
Clare Valley, SA

Sydney Brewery (NSW)   8
Lovedale Lager
Darlo Dark
Surry Hills Pils
Sydney Cider
Pyrmont Rye IPA

James Boags (TAS)   7
Premium Light
Premium Lager

Heineken (NL)   10

Kirin (JPN)   10

Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale (NSW)   10

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale (NSW)   11

Hahn Super Dry (NSW)   9

Glenfiddich Whisky Terrarium Experience

Our Glenfiddich terrarium experience is a journey of discovery. Showcasing the worlds most awarded single malt whisky, expertly paired alongside local handmade truffles.

Whether you are a seasoned whisky connoisseur or just starting out on your adventure, this unique serve will move your senses in more ways than one.

Here at Platform 818, we have brought together two of our favourite things – whisky & chocolate. Let’s be honest, it’s match made in heaven. The sweet fruity characteristic of the whisky dances around the palate with the bittersweet bass notes of the truffle bringing it all together. In their purest form they are both made of a very simple set of ingredients, however It is the tireless skill of the craftsmen/woman that make really turn ordinary into the extraordinary.

We’ve combined Australian and Scottish flora and fauna, taking you on an adventure from the desert shores of our homeland to the Lochs and Glens of the Scottish Highlands.

Come with us as we take you around the world on a journey you will never forget.

Glenfiddich 12   18
Glenfiddich 15 ‘Solera’    20
Glenfiddich 18    24
Glenfiddich ‘Project XX’    24
Glenfiddich IPA    24