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Experience a modern take on classic Australian dishes made with locally sourced produce that once would have travelled from railway towns along the NSW goods line. Enjoy these dishes with our all Australian wine list showcasing what Australia has to offer across many great regions, with some hero varietals as well as upcoming Australian wine makers, who are pushing the boundaries and exploring new styles of wine crafting changing the Australian wine landscape. 

Step aboard and explore our latest cocktail collection inspired by iconic train stations and renowned trains worldwide! Each drink is a journey in itself, crafted with base spirits that capture the essence of global drinking cultures. From the elegant classics to the exotic surprises.

Our carefully curated list of all Australian wines come from across many great regions – featuring varietal heroes, as well as upcoming Australian wine makers who are pushing the boundaries and exploring new styles of wine crafting that’s changing the Australian wine landscape.

We serve a good selection Australian beers, showcasing interesting styles and taste profiles – from local friends at Sydney Brewery to ones from further south in Tasmania.

Hop on board as we take a palatable excursion through time.



Group Dining   from 65 pp

This menu is available to all group of 6 guests and over.
It includes a choice of Premium Crystella Still And Sparkling Water


House Made Flatbread | Riverina Haloumi | Yamba Prawn


Battered Ling | Junee Lamb Shoulder


Mashed Potato | Baby Carrots | Leafy Salad


Glenfiddich Whisky Terrarium Experience

Our Glenfiddich terrarium experience is a journey of discovery. Showcasing the worlds most awarded single malt whisky, expertly paired alongside local handmade truffles.

Whether you are a seasoned whisky connoisseur or just starting out on your adventure, this unique serve will move your senses in more ways than one.

Here at Platform 818, we have brought together two of our favourite things – whisky & chocolate. Let’s be honest, it’s match made in heaven. The sweet fruity characteristic of the whisky dances around the palate with the bittersweet bass notes of the truffle bringing it all together. In their purest form they are both made of a very simple set of ingredients, however It is the tireless skill of the craftsmen/woman that make really turn ordinary into the extraordinary.

We’ve combined Australian and Scottish flora and fauna, taking you on an adventure from the desert shores of our homeland to the Lochs and Glens of the Scottish Highlands.

Come with us as we take you around the world on a journey you will never forget.

Glenfiddich 12   18
Glenfiddich 15 ‘Solera’    20
Glenfiddich 18    24
Glenfiddich ‘Project XX’    24
Glenfiddich IPA    24