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Experience a modern take on classic Australian dishes made with locally sourced produce that once would have travelled from railway towns along the NSW goods line.

Enjoy these dishes with our all Australian wine list showcasing what Australia has to offer across many great regions, with some hero varietals as well as upcoming Australian wine makers, who are pushing the boundaries and exploring new styles of wine crafting changing the Australian wine landscape.

Our signature, the highball cocktail, is inspired by the practice of serving beverages in tall glasses on steam trains. It is carefully crafted by our resident mixologist with bespoke PS40 soda and flavour-infused beautifully decorated blocks of ice.

Hop on board as we take a palatable excursion through time.


Sticky BBQ pressed Riverina brisket   15

remoulade, lattice crisp

Cured salmon   16

beets, red cos, beetroot gel, eshallot

Truffle honey roasted fig   14

prosciutto, crostini, micro basil, Adelaide Hills Trinity Cellars blue

Steamed bao buns   14

bbq sticky jackfruit, pickled cabbage, fresh micro herbs

Pulled Break Out River lamb shoulder tart   15

lamb cutlet, mint gel, jus

Scallop in half shell   17

chilli lime butter, baby herbs

Honey halloumi   14

Aphrodite halloumi cheese, iron bark honey

Garlic prawns   17

prawns, eshallot, bacon, fresh cream

Snapper   35

zesty quinoa, pomegranate, preserved lemon

Diamond clam aglio olio   32

spaghetti, garlic, chilli, citrus crumb

Break Out River lamb rump   36

dijon mustard, fresh herbs, sauteed baby vegetables, crushed pea oil, picked flowers

Chicken breast   28

parsnip puree, forest mushroom, spinach, jus

Duck confit   34

braised red cabbage, apple gel, pickled plum, baby apple

Five-hour beef cheek   32

parsnip puree, cavolo nero

Rotollo (V)   28

spinach, sage beurre noisette, Persian fetta, baby pea tendril

Southern antipasto (V)   30

slaw, bbq jackfruit, southern style cauliflower, pickled watermelon rind

served with duck fat potatoes, glazed eschallot, crisp cavelo-nero

250g Riverina angus sirloin   38
350g Murray Basin pork cutlet   35
250g 200-day grain-fed black angus scotch fillet   46

Cheese Platter   22
accompanied with pane crocante, crackers, grapes, fig, red wine compote and dried fruit

Adelaide Hills Trinity Cellars Jersey Brie
Great Ocean Road Warrnambool Cheddar
Adelaide Hills Trinity Cellars Blue
Sourdough   8

rustic tomato salsa, shaved pecorino

Hummus plate   7


Creamy mashed potatoes   8


Beer battered fries   7

truffle aioli

Brussel sprouts   8


Green beans & brocolli   8

olive oil, sea salt

Classic tossed salad   7

cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion

Iceberg salad   7

Persian feta, toasted walnuts, apple, red radish, eschallot

Tonka bean panna cotta   14

popcorn crumble, orange soy gel

Chocolate tart   15

dark chocolate, vanilla mascarpone

Key lime pie brulee   14

biscuit crumb, candied lime zest

Baked old-fashioned cheesecake   14

caramel, chocolate sauce, fresh cream

Chocolate brownie   14

violet crumble mascarpone, chocolate ganache, honeycomb

Fresh fruit plate   12

seasonal fresh fruits


Group Dining   55 per person
Add Matched Wines   29 per person
Add Dessert   10 per person

This menu is available for group of 4 guests and over. Includes a choice of still and sparkling water.

Glenfiddich Whisky Terrarium Experience

Our Glenfiddich terrarium experience is a journey of discovery. Showcasing the worlds most awarded single malt whisky, expertly paired alongside local handmade truffles.

Whether you are a seasoned whisky connoisseur or just starting out on your adventure, this unique serve will move your senses in more ways than one.

Here at Platform 818, we have brought together two of our favourite things – whisky & chocolate. Let’s be honest, it’s match made in heaven. The sweet fruity characteristic of the whisky dances around the palate with the bittersweet bass notes of the truffle bringing it all together. In their purest form they are both made of a very simple set of ingredients, however It is the tireless skill of the craftsmen/woman that make really turn ordinary into the extraordinary.

We’ve combined Australian and Scottish flora and fauna, taking you on an adventure from the desert shores of our homeland to the Lochs and Glens of the Scottish Highlands.

Come with us as we take you around the world on a journey you will never forget.

Glenfiddich 12   18
Glenfiddich 15 ‘Solera’    20
Glenfiddich 18    24
Glenfiddich ‘Project XX’    24
Glenfiddich IPA    24


Platform 9¾   17

Drink this magical concoction and travel to Hogwarts

Hendrick’s Artisan, skinny tonic, passionfruit, orange bitter, edible flowers

Tokyo to Osaka   18

Feel the rush of travelling on a bullet train through Japan

Nikka Whiskey, PS40 wattle cola, orange, cinnamon

Tequila Express   18

Enjoy a drink that’s sure ‘to kill ya’ and float of f to the land of the dead

Milagro, sparkling grapefruit, pink peppercorn, rosemary

Havana Central   18

Take a sip of this and feel the Caribbean sea breeze brush past you

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, PS40 blackstrap ginger beer, habanero lime

Gare de Grenoble   19

Travel to the French Prealps and enjoy this cool mountainous fresh air

Green Chartreuse, Malibu, Midori, strawberry gum leaf soda, cherry

Spring Bluff   21

Just like Australia’s prettiest station in Queensland, we’ve made this our most colourful

Malibu, lavender, mint, lime, coconut jelly

1804   21

Go back to the year when the first steam train changed the world

Hendrick’s, St Germaine, rose, lychee, violet blossom tonic, fairy floss

California Avenue   19

A modern twist to the Charlie Chaplin, who was born in California too

Apricot Brandy, sloe gin, lime, pandan barley soda


*All highball cocktails can be made virgin   7.5

42 Degrees South Cuvee   13 

Eden Valley, SA

Dal Zotto “Pucino” Prosecco   12

King Valley, VIC

All Saints Moscato   13

Rutherglen, VIC

WHITES (150/250ml)
El Desperado Sauv Blanc   11/16

Adelaide Hills, SA

The Other Wine Co. Pinot Gris   13/19

Adelaide Hills, SA

Botanica Chardonnay   11/16

Hunter Valley, NSW

ROSÉ  (150/250ml)
Giant Steps   13/19

Yarra Valley, VIC

RED (150/250ml)
Storm Bay Pinot Noir   13/19

Adelaide Hills, SA

Credaro Kinship Reserve C/S   13/19

Margaret River, WA

First Creek Shiraz   11/16

Hunter Valley, NSW

Frogmore Iced Riesling   14

Coal River, TAS

Chambers Muscat   11

Rutherglen, VIC   

Campbells Topaque   11

Rutherglen, VIC

2015  Pipers Brook

Pipers Brook, TAS

2006  Kreglinger Brut Rose

Pipers Brook, TAS

NV 42 Degrees South Premiere

Coal River, TAS

NV Dal Zotto ‘Pucino’ Prosecco

King Valley, VIC

2018  Mountadam

Eden Valley, SA

2018 Robert Stein

Mudgee, NSW

2013 Mitchell ‘Watervale’

Clare Valley, SA

2013 Grosset ‘Springvale’

Clare Valley, SA

Sauvignon Blanc & Blends
2017 Silkman Semillon

Hunter Valley, NSW

2011 Keith Tulloch Museum Semillon

Hunter Valley, NSW

2018 El Despardo Sauvignon Blanc

Adelaide Hills, SA

2018 Shaw + Smith Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Adelaide Hills, SA

2018 Ashbrook Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Margaret River, WA

2017 Cullen Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Margaret River, WA

2017  The Other Wine Co Pinot Gris

Adelaide Hills, SA

2017  Campbells Fiano

Rutherglen, VIC

2018  Dal Zotto Pinot Grigio

King Valley, VIC

2017  Yangarra Roussanne

McLaren Vale, SA

2014  Olivers Targanga ‘Small Batch’ Fiano

McLaren Vale, SA

2017  The Pawn Gruner Velter

Adelaide Hills, SA

2017  Vinemind Vermentino

Clare Valley, SA

2017  Botanica

Hunter Valley, NSW

2017  Mountadam

Eden Valley, SA

2017  Tolpuddle  

Coal River, TAS

2017  In Dreams

Yarra Valley, VIC

2017 Savaterre  

Beechworth, VIC

2016 Snake & Herring ‘Vamos’ Tempranillo

Margaret River, WA

2018 Sanglier Light Dry Red  

Adelaide Hills, SA

2017 Save Our Souls Sangiovese

Yarra Valley, VIC

2018 The Other Wine Co Grenache

Adelaide Hills, SA

2015 Crabtree Tempranillo

Clare Valley, SA

2017 Whistler ‘Find Your Roots’

Mataro Barossa, SA

2017 Rising

Yarra Valley, VIC

2018  Storm Bay

Adelaide Hills, SA

2018  42 Degree South

Yarra Valley, VIC

2016 In Dreams

Adelaide Hills, SA

2017  First Creek

Hunter Valley, SA

2016 Shaw + Smith  

Adelaide Hills, SA

2007 Mitchell ‘McNicol’

Clare Valley, SA

2015  Yangarra ‘Iron Heart’

McLaren Vale, SA

2017  Two Hands ‘Angel Share’

McLaren Vale, SA

2016 Thorn Clarke Shotfire

Barossa, SA

2017 Credaro Kinship

Margaret River, WA

2014 Oliver’s Taranga ‘DJ Reserve’

McLaren Vale, SA

2016 Keith Tulloch ‘Per Diem’ Merlot

Hunter Valley, NSW

2014 St Hugo  

Coonawarra, SA

2017 Cullen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Margaret River, WA

2016 Penfolds BIN 389

Regional, SA

2018 Yangarra

McLaren Vale, SA

2018 Giant Steps

Yarra Valley, VIC

2018 Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling

Coal River, TAS

2018 Mount Horrocks ‘Cordon Cut’ Riesling

Clare Valley, SA

Sydney Brewery (NSW)   8

Lovedale Lager, Darlo Dark, Surry Hills Pils, Sydney Cider, Pyrmont Rye IPA

James Boags (TAS) 

Premium Light   7
Premium Lager   9

Heineken (NL)   10
Kirin (JPN)   10
Lord Nelson Pale Ale (NSW)   10
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale (NSW)   11
Hahn Super Dry (NSW)   9